The Factory (First Shift)

 I don't know how many readers have ever worked in a Factory making soap ' a factory predominantly staffed by women and a place where the revolting smell of the ingredients 'cooking' is enough to turn your stomach if you're not used to it.
Such was my place of work ' hardly a job I would have chosen, but one I had to take to pay the rent after my husband left me. I was twenty-four, poorly educated (due to my own aversion to school) and living in a town where employment was hard to find.
Life outside the factory was mundane and boring, but I began to look forward to weekdays because the women with whom I worked were more amusing than a Variety Show. The language was frequently foul, with dirty jokes being exchanged while we toiled, and our locker room was the place where my colleagues discussed their many and extremely lurid romances ' albeit with an amazing ignorance of the facts of life.
We worked in overalls and to avoid contaminating our own clothes, we usually stripped them off and donned the overall on top of our undies. This led to all sorts of lewd suggestions that we might remove them as well and try to excite the foremen - who were all male. It also revealed some of the most impractical working undergarments I could imagine ' diminutive thongs, platform bras that barely contained their cargo and even stockings and tarty suspender belts bought from Mail Order catalogues. I was also quite surprised how many days some girls wore the same pair of panties. 
We played all sorts of stupid games with the foremen ' there was the day when one of the girls had bought a new packet of sanitary pads and after coffee break we all wore one over our heads like earmuffs as we went back onto the shop floor. In return, the foremen were equally coarse with us girls, making vulgar suggestions and often touching us briefly.
The day came when one of the girls, a buxom blonde called Sue, decided to carry out her threat and stripped off her panties as we prepared to go onto the shop floor. She was unshaven and boasted a thick thatch of wiry pubic hair.


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